BMX Training Program: Premium Package


This program is engineered to improve race results, fitness, and mental tolerance for riders at any skill level or age. Program covers gym, sprints, and track work. With this program riders will no longer have the hassle of deciding what workouts you will be doing for the day. Riders can rest assured knowing that they will be prepared for the next big event with this program.

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  • Includes sprint training, track work, and gym training
  • Administered on weekly basis via email
  • Program runs on a weekly basis from Monday – Sunday
  • Weekly Frequency of 5 days of workouts with 2 days off or 6 days of workouts with 1 off
  • Gym can be weight or body weight based depending on riders access
  • Sprints variations are downhill, uphill, and flat ground sprints with mixed lengths
  • Track workouts are a mix of bike handling/ track skill, fitness, sprint/ gate form
  • Personally catered to each riders experience and physical abilities
  • Crafted to each riders race schedule and track availability
  • Welcome to all ages and skill levels

One week Trail is a 7 day workout program. Monthly program can be purchased at any time.

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Program Duration

One Week Trial, 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month


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