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The Rexer BMX bike stand is a modular system suited for bike repairs, washing, home storage, and race day display. The Rexer BMX Bike stand works by sliding into the center of nearly any hollow crankset, lifting your rear wheel for easy cleaning plus chain or brake adjustments. Stand is equipped with a cushioned sleeve to prevent markings of the hollow spindle.


The Rexer BMX bike stand comes in at only 1.60lbs, and can be disassembled to lay flat for travel. It works with 20 inch and 24 wheel sizes, and just about any hollow crank. To check if your crank is compatible you first need to ensure that you have a hollow spindle crank with a minimum opening of .53 inches or 13.5mm on either the drive-side or non-drive-side


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  • Small and modular stand for repairs, display, washing, and storage
  • Effortlessly slides onto any 2pc hollow-spindle crankset
  • Lifts rear wheel for ease of cleaning and tuning
  • Cushioned sleeve to prevent marking hollow spindle
  • Can be disassembled to lay flat for travel
  • Comes with hardware and tools for assembly 
  • Pads on base for indoor or outdoor use
  • Disc brake compatible


  • Construction – Anodized Aluminum with laser engraved logo
  • Load capacity – 35 lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions – 11 x 9 x 13.5
  • Weight – 1.60 lbs 
  • Wheel Compatibility – 20 / 24 inch
  • Spindle compatibility – Hollow spindle (2 pc cranks)
  • Minimum spindle diameter – .53 inches / 13.5 mm


Additional information

Weight 1.60 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 3 in


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