Rexer Products


The idea of selling portable mini rollers started in the Summer of 2014, when I sought to create a device I could use to warm-up in staging at the races.

I tested my first prototype at the Derby City Nationals in 2014. It was a great race for the test because I was able to test in both wet and dry conditions.

Throughout the weekend I received a lot of positive feedback on the rollers. I was asked, more than a few times: “Where can I buy a set?”

I thought to myself, “with the popular demand for portable rollers I could make and sell these.” Rexer Rollers were born! The product went on the market at the 2014 Disney Cup Nationals. I started small with ten units I made myself and sold via personal sales.

Since 2014 the product has morphed through a number of generations to provide the best product for the fastest racers.

Our line of products is ever expanded with our latest edition the Rexer Bike Stand in summer of 2022.

Rexer Product Line

Rexer Rollers

This is a take-anywhere warm-up trainer that you can use to get ready for the next moto. This TSA approved portable set of rollers are also perfect for staying in shape when you’re away from the track and want to keep training.

Rexer Bike Stand

The Rexer bike stand is a modular system suited for bike repairs, washing, home storage, and race day display. The Rexer Bike stand works by sliding into the center of nearly any hollow crankset, lifting your rear wheel for easy cleaning plus chain or brake adjustments. Option for either MTB or BMX bikes.

Rexer Tee

The soft ring spun fabric creates a fitted look. And extreme durability makes this t-shirt withstand repeated washings and still remain super comfortable.