Taking corners in BMX racing requires a combination of technique, speed control, and body positioning.

Here are some key points to help you take corners properly:

  1. Warm up: Engage in a thorough warm-up routine with Rexer Products, Rollers and Roller Stand to get your muscles ready for the jumping session.
  2. Entry Speed: Approach the corner with controlled speed. Adjust your speed beforehand to ensure you maintain control throughout the turn.
  3. Line Choice: Goal is to enter the corner in lane 2-4 of the straight way and stay in the middle of the corner from the entry to the exit of the corner. This allows you to carry more speed through the turn.
  4. Body Position: Keep your weight centered and low over the bike. Ensure riders pedals are weighted with their outside being at the bottom of the pedal stroke and the inside foot being at the top of the pedal stroke. If the riders pedal position is revered, inside foot at the bottom of the pedal stroke while going through a corner there is a higher chance of clipping your riders with the ground and going over the bars.  Leaning into the turn will help you maintain traction.
  5. Looking Ahead: Focus your gaze on the exit of the corner. Look ahead to anticipate the next section of the track while keeping an eye on your immediate surroundings. Also take advantage to ensure your line choice is as smooth as possible, try to avoid loose spots or large dips as this could cause the front to loss traction and result in a crash.
  6. Pedaling: Goal is to be pedaling either the half point or three quarter point of the exit of the corner. Ensure the rider is pedal strokes are efficient and smooth as position gain speed for the upcoming straight away.
  7. Braking: If coming into the corner with too much speed use the brakes cautiously before the corner to control your speed. Apply gentle and controlled pressure to avoid skidding or losing traction.
  8. Practice: Consistent practice is crucial to mastering cornering technique. Familiarize yourself with different types of corners and practice on a variety of tracks to develop your skills.

Remember, it’s important to gradually build up your speed and confidence when taking corners. Start with slower speeds and gradually increase as you become more comfortable and proficient. Always prioritize safety and wear appropriate protective gear while racing.

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